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Open call for Ocean Ambassador Malmö

This project is an open call application for the EU Project Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS). Several European cities want to promote culture, nature and human appriciation for the ocean. The open call is for anyone who have an idea for how to promote the well being of the ocean. The budget is 150 000 Swedish Kronor (14 500 USD). 

The main location is the old industrial harbour which was polluted and is currently renovated. The water here is dead and sterile. Work is currently underway to fill up the seabed in the harbor basin in with recycled clay. From having been 11 meters deep, the pool will be 3-4 meters deep. In this way, life is to be recreated in the marine environment with eelgrass, bluefish, algae and fish. 

Main Goal: To introduce Eelgrass  (Zostera marina) and Mussels (Mytilus Edulis)

The main goal of my project is to introduce hard surfaces for sea plants and mussels. Eelgrass is, as I understand, very important for all other life in the ocean. It also absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide CO₂.

Photo: www.malmo.se

Option 1: Reef Balls

Option 2: Reef Design Lab

Option 3: 3D-print in ceramics

Budget: 14 500 USD but can be increased if the idea is permanent or feels extra motivated

Photo from https://www.reefbeach.com/

Interaction and understanding between humans and the ocean is central for the project description. For example promoting SUP-boarding, having a underwater light show each evening or similar could connect these structures with human curiousness. 

3D-printed ceramic sculpture park
I was part of 3D-printing and installing a sculpture park in Sweden. 

Here is the Open Call letter for people with ideas:

The ocean needs you! 

Within the framework of the EU project Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS), you are now invited to apply to become a sea ambassador. In the BoSS project, a number of European coastal cities are investigating how we can create a new relationship with the sea based on the principles of art and culture, sustainability, inclusion and local anchoring. In Malmö, BoSS is run by Malmö University, Mötesplats Social Innovation and Marint Kunskapscenter.

We want more Malmö residents, with their different cultures and experiences, to have the opportunity to get involved in exploring and creating a healthy relationship with the sea. To this end, we are now launching an Open Call where individuals and organizations can apply to become ocean ambassadors. An ocean ambassador receives financial means to create and implement creative and inclusive activities that involve Malmö residents in strengthening their relationship with marine life.

Here , those who are interested in applying to become a sea ambassador can find information about the research that is carried out within the EU project Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS) and what it means to participate.


When we think of Malmö and the sea, many think of summer, swimming and playing at Ribban and in Västra Hamnen. But the sea plays a bigger role than you might think. The ocean is the source of all life on earth – this amazing web of plants and animals. A healthy ocean is also the prerequisite for life to continue. But the sea is not feeling well. Just as life on land today is characterized by climate change and reduced biodiversity, life in the sea is affected by heat waves, overfishing and plastic pollution. Therefore, we need to create new relationships with the sea and its inhabitants. Relationships where both we and the sea feel good. We want to investigate how these relationships can be promoted together with you Malmö residents who want to become ocean ambassadors.

Who can become a sea ambassador?

An ocean ambassador is an individual, an organization or a constellation of several individuals/organizations. An ambassador can work with, for example, art and culture, nature and outdoor activities, participation and inclusion to create activities that engage Malmö residents in meeting life in the sea in new ways. We are happy to finance teams with complementary knowledge and experience, from established to new organizations, but you can also apply as an individual. For those who have good ideas but may lack knowledge about the sea, inclusion or creative ways of working, we will arrange two matchmaking opportunities at the beginning of the application period. Then there is the opportunity to meet others to team up with and apply together with.

What does a Sea Ambassador do?

An ocean ambassador creates and tests activities where Malmö residents become involved in exploring how we can live in symbiosis with our neighbors in the sea. The activities should be innovative but can also build on and develop an existing business. These activities can be, for example: creative workshops with sea materials together with children, a film that collects different stories about the sea created together with Malmö residents, or a combined canoe trip and cooking class that explores how we can eat to promote life in the sea.

The activities aim to create encounters between Malmö residents and the sea, i.e. to investigate how we can live together with the sea without harming it, how we can give something back to the sea and not just take away from it, and how we can make life for both people and sea flourish again. The activity may preferably consist of several occasions, think process rather than a single event. We are happy to finance everything from small-scale activities to larger and longer processes.