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Digital Heritage Curator Newslater from one of the best experts, Thomas Flynn, issued

Navigating Digital Heritage with Thomas Flynn and his newsletter

In the fast development of digital cultural heritage, especially in the 3D-scene, keeping up with the latest trends is essential. “The Spatial Heritage Review,” a monthly roundup curated by a seasoned expert Thomas Flynn, emerges as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking the best in digital heritage content!

Meet the Author of the Newsletter

Among digital heritage professionals Thomas Flynn is well known as former Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab. The author witnessed a surge in 3D digitization and publishing from all continents of the world. The motivation behind starting “The Spatial Heritage Review” is to provide a comprehensive monthly snapshot of the vibrant world of digital heritage, helping enthusiasts and professionals to catch up on noteworthy happenings.

What to Expect​

This newsletter is covering digitization techniques, 3D/XR publications, open access datasets, events, conferences, and tutorials. The Spatial Heritage Review promises a fresh perspective each month. The format may evolve, but the goal is consistent: to offer inspiring content.

Regarding the name "The Spatial Heritage Review"

The title captures the intersection between cultural heritage and 3D. It also allows for the inclusion of related but potentially off-topic content, encouraging a diverse exploration within the digital heritage landscape. This can for example be technical interviews or tutorials with topic experts in related areas.

Building a Community

The Spatial Heritage Review caters to museum professionals, newcomers, and veterans alike. It’s also beneficial for commercial sector professionals tracking GLAM sector trends and digital creators exploring the heritage space. The aim is to foster a shared understanding of “how to 3D for cultural heritage.”

Community Diversity

The author draws from experiences at Sketchfab, highlighting the diverse community involved in 3D digitization projects. The Spatial Heritage Review serves as a platform to facilitate learning from one another.

Publication Schedule

Anticipate a new issue around the first day of each month, recapping the previous ~30 days. The author commits to bringing valuable content to readers’ screens regularly. The Review is planned as a free subscription, encouraging readers to spread the word.

Where to read the magazine and more from the magazine author


As the digital heritage landscape expands, The Spatial Heritage Review emerges as a valuable resource, promising to keep readers informed and inspired. Whether you’re a museum professional, a tech enthusiast, or a digital creator, this monthly roundup invites you to explore the dynamic world of cultural heritage in the digital realm. Stay tuned for the first issue and join the author on this exciting journey into the realm of spatial heritage.