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Porträttfoto av Massimo gjord av: Eolo Perfido

Meet Massimo Imbastari, artist and graphic designer who works in Blender 3D

Background for this interview

I came in contact with Massimo through the group Blender Beginners. For me, it is useful to be part of that group because it happens that I post-process a project in Blender. It´s a good and easy program to use when it comes to adjusting textures, geometry or wireframes. In this type of group there are many helpful members that are keen to help others. Massimo is also active in this group and he is very generous with helping other members in the group. He also share his own projects in the group. I was in contact with him regarding some technical questions regarding simulating water, and I also took the occation to interview him!

Massimo Imbastari

Lives in: Anzio, a city in the nearby of Rome, Italy 
Profession: Graphic designer, self-employed
Favourite work equipment: Wacom Cintiq (creative pen display used to paint digitally)
Worked in Blender 3D since: Year 2006, when a friend introduced me to it
Website: His own
 artpage on Facebook
Youtube-channel:  “Massimo Imbastari" (206,650 views, 343 subscribers)
I met Massimo via: Via the Facebook-group  Blender Beginners

“Fluid simulation again! Did you get that I’m pretty obsessed about it?” – Massimo

Interview with Massimo about him and his projects in Blender

Adam: Hello Massimo! Can you tell a little bit about your self? What is your profession and how did you came in contact with art and graphic design?

Massimo: Hello Adam! I have worked as graphic designer since year 1987. I had an interest for computers ever since I was little. I bought my first computer in the year 1982, a ZX Spectrum Sinclair. I used it to draw things in Basic. It was so incredibly fun, that I quickly understood that it is graphic design that I want to work with, and I have continued to invest in computer since then.
 I bought my first Apple computer 1987, it was a Macintosh SE. It made it possible for me to start working on companies visual identity (branding), typography and print design. A lot of things happened in the computer world at this time, especially with graphic design. I continue work with computers today and I feel the same joy of work now as when I first started!

Adam: You have a Youtube-channel with many experiments in the fluid and particlesystem of Blender. How did you come to specialise in this area?

Massimo: It started with photography. 15 years ago, I met a very skilled and talented photograph, Eolo Perfido. He became my friend! His passion for photography inspired me to also start. But at that time I had limited amount of time to dedicate to photography, so I started taking pictures when I had the time – at night! Of self-explanatory reason it was difficult to include people in my photography at night, so my pictures became quite spooky. I then created a studio at home where I could work whenever I had the time and I started experimenting with high speed photography, liquids and smoke. It was very satisfying to work with this, and it was first later I found ways of simulating this in Blender 3D. You can say that my 3D-work is an extension of my photographic art.

Adam: Could you tell us how you were introduced to the computer program Blender 3D?

Massimo: It was the same photographer that I just mentioned, he saw my photographic projects from the studio and he said that I can simulate this type of physics in Blender and how good the software was. At that time Blender was version 2.81 and now it is 2.93. I was fascinated of what he told me and I downloaded it to my computer. I was already used to work in other software such as Maya and Cinema 4D, but I really had a hard time to get into Blender. I hated it the whole first week and was close to giving up! But then something happened, and suddenly everything felt so intuitive and I fell in love. Ever since that day I have used Blender daily and I try to master it in every possible way. You can say that it was love at second sight!

Adam: Do you work anything with mixed media, for example that you mixed your results with Photoshop and After Effects?

Massimo: No, not really. I already achieve the results I like in Blneder. At least most often. Sometimes I have success, sometimes not. 

Adam: When you work with a Blender project, do you create all the objects from scratch, or do you use 3D-libraries such as Sketchfab, CG-market or Turbosquid?

Massimo: I try to model everything myself as much as possible. Of course, sometimes I have to use ready made assets for my projects. I am still not that good at modelling human persons and rigging them, so in that case I use downloaded assets.

 Adam: What makes you inspired and make you want to create? Do you have any favourite movies (one of my personal favourites is the Fifth Element)

Massimo: I am inspired by everything around me! I love to read. I love movies and TV-series! I love art in general and I love music! Everything! When it comes to favourite movie – it is hard to choose only one movie but definetely Blade Runner. Some other movies I love: Blues Brothers, The Shining, Star Wars, Dune and many more. 

Adam: If someone would like to contact and commision you for work, what is the easiest way? 

Massimo: Easiest is via my Facebook page or my Youtube-channel!

Adam: Massimo, can you please choose 3-6 Blender experiments that you are extra pleased with, and then I will add the to the section after this interview?

Massimo: Sure! It will be a lot of fluid simulations! Did you notice that I am pretty obsessed with fluid simulations?

Adam: Thank you for the lovely interview Massimo! See you in the Facebook group!

You find all of Massimos video work at his Youtube-channel that has 206 650 views as of today!

Video Gallery with Massimos projects made in Blender

"This was one of my first attempts with fluid simulation, I followeda tutorial to do it. I was very happy with the result when i finished!"

“This was my very first try out to fluids simulation on my own, no tutorial followed, I just thought I understand some about fluids and so I tried.”

Adam: This animation is one of my favuorites, it reminds me about the ocean in Tuscany, Italy!"

“The raise of the BloodyMan” is a project made in Blender 2.8 with the function called Flip Fluids. It is rendered in 60fps."

This is Massimos tribute to the japanese anime movie "Ghost In the Shell" (1995)

Photography showing Massimos city Anzio, Italy