Online course in photogrammetry and Agisoft Metashape with Mariusz Milka

Difficult to find 3d-scanning courses in Sweden

I have not seen any courses in 3D-scanning in Sweden so far. The professionals working in the field has often learnt in in-house and it´s a very speciliased field of work. I have often seen surveyors and archeologists work with this technology outside of Sweden, but not here. However, as a designer I am used to work in different software platforms so learning how to 3d-scan was a nice challenge for me. 

Easy to network with photogrammetry specialists online

I joined a Facebook group for 3D-scanning där jag kom i kontakt med Mariusz Milka, en specialist på dykning, 3d-skanning och fotogrammetri. Han berättade att han erbjuder kurser online. Hans kursupplägg är mycket tydligt och välplanerat så jag tvekade inte att hoppa på en kurs. 

 3d-models from the course

Sea sponge under water (my favourite):

Sponge by Mariusz Milka   This is one of the first models I worked on, with photos included in the course materials.


A Dominican Monastery ruin in Croatia:

Dominican monastery, island of Šćedro, Croatia by Mariusz Milka  This is another model that Mariusz used to show different photogrammetry techniques.


A reconstructed guard tower in Poland

Belweder w Sławięcicach by Mariusz Milka This model shows how to combine images extracted from a video and from a normal camera.

You find the course here

Check out Mariusz website where you can see all the courses he offers in photogrammetry: Mariusz Milkas courses in photogrammetry