Troll sculpture 3D-scanned with photogrammetry

Helbild av träskulpturen föreställande en grupp troll
Hunneberget är ett platåberg, bild: Kungajaktsmuseet Älgens Berg

Trolls sighted and 3D-scanned at Hunneberg mountain

You find this group of trolls on top of the plateau mountain called Hunneberg. This is where the Swedish King conducts moose hunting each year. That is why the museum here is called The Royal Hunt Museum - Elk Hill. It is located 20 minutes from Trollhättan and only 10 minutes from Vargön. On the way up there is a waterfall with active beavers. You will see trees that have been chopped down by them.

The troll sculpture was 3D-scanned with 50 photos from my mobile phone. The images where improved with Adobe Lightroom where I adjusted and evened out the colour temperature and sharpness. On the sculpture you will see some snow - it was minus degrees when I scanned this.

Eldmörjan, en sjö på Hunneberget, bild: Kungajaktsmuseet Älgens Berg
Orientering av kamerapositionen för 3d-scanningen