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Designer who works with humans, machines and nature

Here below are examples of 3D-print projects and machines I have worked on. I am a design specialist with strong motivation to help clients with large scale projects in different materials. My focus is on ecological sustainability, human interaction and green material technology. 

Zmorph 3D – An awesome project I worked at together with Bartosz Weryho, Business advisor & strategist during 2013.

BLB Industries / The Industry – A project I worked with as consult and employed from 2016 – 2023. 

BigRep 3D – I work as Designer Specialist there from 2013 – 2016, installing machines in Singapore, USA, France, Israel and the Russian Federation. 

German Reprap – I worked as design specialist with their liquid silicon printer, their large X1000 printer and the smaller X500. I installed machines in Italy and for the Egyptian Ministry of trade.

Ceramic 3D-printing – I worked with Polymorf and Muralcentralen on a full scale terracotta army of 30 amazing children with big personalities!

Metal printing – I worked with Fernando Fabris with a range of jewellery 3D-printed in the Netherlands.